03 April 2012

Who do muhammadans hate the most? An apostate tells.

More about the Killer Religion. So often the news is about muhammadans killing people. Well, that's because they have a belief system that tells them it's OK to do that. And their culture, saturated with this bizarre, warmongering, sick belief system, allows them to be angry, emotional, intolerant. If they are not, they are punished. If they decide they don't want to continue to be a believer of this unbelievable trash from muhammad and his fellow criminals, the apostate will be marked for death.

But, mohammad disliked one group especially because early in his nuttiness they taunted him. There is another article about why, medically, he was a nut: Geert Wilders tells the strange tale of mohammad's illnesses

An article in FaithFreedom by a man who left muhammadism tells even more: muhammedans hate Jews