11 May 2014

Black On White Crime

Yes, there is such a thing, though the mainstream media do not like to report the statistics about it. In fact, you may have a hard time in media stories of black men attacking white men and raping white women determining that it was blacks committing the crime.

Another thing you will seldom see is the word "racist" in front of the name of a black criminal. Even when he uses one or more of the many racist words blacks reserve to categorize whites he will not be called "racist."

It's simply this: Blacks are not to be called racist just as mohammedans are not to be called terrorists. This sort of Orwellian doublespeak is common amongst the liberal bureaucrats in media, government, business, and religion.

What every criminal, military aggressor, and ideologue depends on is the victim's willingness to play a role. And that role is to just submit. Why? Because the laws of some of the finest first-world nations of the world force their native citizens to play the role of victim.

In addition, the taxation system in first world countries forces hardworking native citizens to pay for police protections from the protected class of criminals mentioned above, pay for a court system which will treat them with exaggerated fairness, pay for prisons which will will not change them magically into non-criminals, pay for legislatures which will continue to pass laws which do not allow native first world peoples to protect themselves and their children on the streets, in their homes, or in schools.

There is something else going on. The racist blacks and the superiorist muhammadists count on one thing they can do well: reproduce. They intend to out-populate first world peoples, infiltrate into first world nations, utilize European and North American legal systems to their benefit to secure rights the racist blacks and muhammadan butchers do not allow in their native lands.

Black crime on display

Muhammadan contempt for everyone else

Public Defender's experience with blacks

23 March 2014

More than a million white slaves captured in Europe by muhammad's barbarians

In centuries past muhammad's devils were the prime slavers in the world. In addition to enslaving black africans, transporting them across the Sahara in conditions of extreme brutality, the devils with that sick ideology in their heads also captured white europeans from Iceland to Ukraine.

In the video below you will see a history hidden from whites for reasons of political correctness and fear masquerading as religious tolerance. It is time to be brave. It is time to understand thoroughly what that criminal ideology was, what it continues to be, and what it intends for the peoples of the world.

It is a criminal DNA which has maintained its virulence for well over a thousand years. Click on the link below:

ATLANTIC JIHAD: The Untold Story Of White Slavery

18 January 2014

Whites must understand that most racism is directed TOWARDS them

Despite all the muhammadans crying RACISM when native peoples don't want their barracks blaring calls to prayer five times daily (a religion is not a race), despite all the blacks demanding economic equality through welfare payments from whites to blacks (they are the only race that every other race considers inferior), despite the peoples of sub-saharan Africa and the indigenous peoples of the Americas not having created civilisations a fraction as beneficial to humanity as the great peoples of Europe and Asia, despite all this it is the peoples of Europe and their descendants abroad who are targeted for marginalisation and eventual extinction through genocide.

Watch this. Google "black on white crime" or "bare naked islam". Your white great grandchildren will be the unluckiest race on earth due to racism, crime, laws, discrimination, and taxes directed at them.

19 November 2012

Islam: A Knife In The Back

Not politically correct, but true. Religion is poison. And none more than mohammandism. The reason there are many blogs listed on the right column is because there are many skilled, intelligent individuals who know what muhammandism is. A killing machine.

Ideas are at the heart of being human. And if one puts sick ideas in the minds of a population you have trouble. And muhammadism is the current trouble with religion. Arise! muhammadans. Free your minds. Become human again. Learn to tolerate and love.

Try to free yourself. See how billions of other people of the world see you.

A Kinfe In The Back:

11 September 2012

In Cairo a muhammadan mob attacks American embassy

Here is that muhammad movie trailer you heard about but couldn't locate on Youtube: Watch the low budget movie the muhammadans don't like HERE

In the Twenty-First Century there shouldn't be people who get upset about any film or other media. But if one is muhammadan, one has a mind full of stupidities and falsehoods. And this is the so-called religion the adherents of which say will take over the world. Getting upset about a third rate low-budget brief movie is stupid beyond belief to the rest of the people in the world.

Do muhammadans ever wonder why so many people in the world now despise them? Their history is replete with more than 1300 years of war, deceit, slave-holding, extortion, torture, genocide, sexism, racism ...

See this movie trailer that caused a Cairo mob to storm the American embassy.

09 August 2012

Nuts - muhammadans keep kids underground whole life

It's just nutso. But it's what you come to expect from adherents of the world's nuttiest so-called religion. Note that the writer of the article and the expert of that region go to pains to suggest that this is just an aberration. Not your regular muhammadism. Sure.

Would you keep your children underground like this?

24 May 2012

Saving Face - An Academy Award Nominee

Ideas foster behavior, some good, some bad. How bad? Acid thrown in the face of Pakistani women by men. What allows it? A culture. Part of that culture is muhammedism, a remnant from the dregs of a diseased mind.

More On The Saving Face Site

22 May 2012

Black Students Suspended Three Times More Than Whites

 Learn more about the differences, i.e., how much more violent and confrontational blacks are toward whites and asians. You may be surprised to learn that black students in American secondary schools merit a suspension at a rate three times higher than white students. This is not, however, nearly as bad as a reported difference between Black on White crime versus the reverse: white men in the US are FIFTY times more likely to be attacked by Blacks. It looks like it starts at home, shows up in secondary schools, and ends up as street violence committed by Blacks. You will not hear about this on the network evening news; it is politically incorrect. There would organised marches on the network headquarters, reporters would be attacked and beaten, there would be lawsuits. But there are truths, and there are lies. It's better to know the truth.

School suspension rates: Black VS White

20 May 2012

Hitler's Jewish And African DNA - Surprise, Surprise Pakis!

It certainly would have surprised the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, shown here with Hitler in 1941, to realise the sort of person he was dealing with! According to DNA research conducted in Belgium on the dictator's surviving relatives, he had a genetic component frequently found in North Africans and in Ashkenazi Jews.

Just as the anti-semite composer, Wagner, has long been suspected to have had Jewish parentage through his mother's infidelity with a Jewish actor (his legal father was an ethnic German policeman), Hitler, too, has been suspected of having a Jewish grandfather. He was not certifiably Aryan. Tsk, Tsk.

All over the muslim world there is excessive admiration for Adolph Hitler. Well, what they don't know, won't hurt them. But if they do find out, I'm sure they will discover another NAZI to love. Even though all those thousand million or more muhammadans would like to kill every Jew on this planet, life is sooooo unfair ...

From The SUN: Hitler's Black And Jewish DNA

17 May 2012

Ten Ways To Deal With muhammedism

The Jewish Defence League UK has it right. We have no choice but to initiate a long and persevering struggle against muhammad's thugs, creepy suicides, and cowards who wish to defeat us and our culture.

A ten point plan to disassemble the hated superorganism

16 May 2012

The 'Rent A Mob' Affaire

Well, we knew it all along. But nobody likes bad news about one of their own - the black community especially. So, just like muslims in Europe and elsewhere, they join mobs designed to intimidate the local power structures.

Darn! why can't real European peoples and their descendants learn that routine? Maybe there is a reason. Could it be that left-wing propaganda for the last century or so has crippled the ability of local, native populations to defend themselves against aggressive, violent immigrant populations who don't fit in with the native culture?

Could it be that liberal legislatures in Europe and North America have made it a crime to defend themselves or even to tell the truth about the appalling statistics of black on white crime, muslim on Christian and on Jew and on Hindu and on Buddhist (you get the picture - muslims are the universal haters) crime.

Anyway, read from the Christian Science Monitor line below.

Trayvon Redux - He Was A Thug - New Report

11 May 2012

They Don't Understand The German Welfare System Yet

It is a tipoff as to why migrants enter Germany: they've heard about the fabulous welfare benefits, even back in Bulgaria and Romania. So, they pay their last few thousand Euros to 'coyotes' who bring them to Germany or who offer to 'help' them fill out welfare forms (for a thousand Euros or so). They don't speak much German. They don't have job skills required in a German city.

They don't understand how to live in a European city; their rural life has not prepared them. It is Arizona, European style. An area being overrun with desperate immigrants from nations with different cultural values, religions, expectations. Nevertheless, they expect the German people to take care of them. The German taxpayer - that is, the hard-working German citizens who don't take welfare, and who would not expect to travel to Bulgaria and live there at the expence of the Bulgarian people.

 It's sad, and it's also outrageous. The higher one goes in German government, the less interest there is in halting these immigrants from invading neighborhoods in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany, bringing dependency, crime, medical care expences, special educational problems with them. Nobody in the native German population asked them to come. But the liberal European politicians, ignoring the wishes of their own people, made it legally possible for this immigration to happen.

 Just show up - ask for the welfare office

07 May 2012

If your name is mohammad you can beat your child

Or if your name is ali mohammad mohammud, the child's stepfather, now in police custody, your religion (guess which one) allows you carte blanche in child discipline.

But oops! if you stuff a sock in your stepchild's mouth, secure the mouth with duct tape, and allegedly (required to say that) beat the small child seventy times with a rolling pin you might just overstep from sharia law into Western law which considers that to be illegal.

In fact, before he was beaten to death, the child called 911 several times to report being maltreated. But, maybe the police in his town were muhammudans, too, and didn't think it merited their attention. After all, muhammadan men have their perogatives, right?

Judge for yourself in this news report.

15 April 2012

Here is what you get when muhammadism arrives - Resist!

Some really shocking figures for you: Would you believe that some estimates are that by the end of the Twenty-First Century the world population will be fifty percent muhammadan?

It doesn't happen overnight. There is a vile progression of how intimidating and violent the muhammadan population in your country will be, depending on their relative numbers.

This isn't conjecture. It has already happened. The link below to the Swiss Defence League shows where and how the progression of outrages against non-muhammadans unfolds.

LINK TO: If you don't start resisting now, it will be too late

08 April 2012

Beverly Hillbillys Euro Style

Europe is being invaded. The invaders don't generally carry weapons. Instead, one arrives in a European city, settles into the generous welfare benefits with the help of European social workers and other bureaucrats, then sends for the REST of the family.

Bring ten kids, no problem! Bring Granny and Grandpa, too. Take over an abandoned building, claim you are an independent business but can't make ends meet, get income supplements from the German government, for example.

These modern invaders are amazed how easy it is. Read the excellent article from Germany linked below.

LINK TO: Come and get it! It's free ...

03 April 2012

Who do muhammadans hate the most? An apostate tells.

More about the Killer Religion. So often the news is about muhammadans killing people. Well, that's because they have a belief system that tells them it's OK to do that. And their culture, saturated with this bizarre, warmongering, sick belief system, allows them to be angry, emotional, intolerant. If they are not, they are punished. If they decide they don't want to continue to be a believer of this unbelievable trash from muhammad and his fellow criminals, the apostate will be marked for death.

But, mohammad disliked one group especially because early in his nuttiness they taunted him. There is another article about why, medically, he was a nut: Geert Wilders tells the strange tale of mohammad's illnesses

An article in FaithFreedom by a man who left muhammadism tells even more: muhammedans hate Jews

02 April 2012

Why they are like that

Volatile, quick to fight, emotional - that's the muhammadan way.

What follows in the link below is the best explanation of why this is so.

From FaithFreedom: Danish expert explains muhammadan criminals

29 March 2012

Black violence on White girl

Did you notice that the video is Missing? This video is no longer available. How typical. Black on White crime reporting is discouraged. When it is the reverse, White on Black crime, it makes the national news. This will be left here as a testimony to that sad tendency of the liberal media to withhold evidence of the "real story."

But here is more about news of Black on White crime

15 March 2012

14 March 2012

Lies from beginning to end - the muhammadan story

From the Seventh Century to this century muhammadism is one lie after another. It is the sad tale of the development of a set of ideas that appealed to semi-barbarian Arabian men in the post-Roman world. Many failed, stupid religious ideas survive to the present time. Some have even developed in the past one or two hundred years based on precepts that were just as flawed as any religion from the ancient world.

None of them, however, posit military conquest as a way to spread the religion. None of them call for the extermination of other peoples. None of them approve of slavery. None of them are supremacist. None of them oppress women. None were founded by a murderer, child rapist, and liar. That was muhammad. He called for all of the above.

He took a small desert cult worship at a meteorite, linked it tenuously to existing religions in the middle east, and in the end he decided the way to be regarded as a prophet was by making war on the peoples who laughed at him, by killing anyone who decided to leave his religion, by legitimizing slavery, slaughter, theft of property, and surprisingly this formula also used successfully by the Mafia, took root in the evil hearts of his bedouin barbarians.

In our time these evil ideas are spread on college campuses in America where young minds are taught to regard muuhammadans as victims of the Israeli nation. In fact muhammadans have always been victimizers, slavers, thieves, and liars. The muhammadans who are spreading lies about Israel are the functional descendants of Adolf Hitler and the NAZI movement in Europe.

Watch the real story on "Palestine"

The Cult Aspects of muhammadism:

12 March 2012

Spain is going down the drain

A muhammedan Spain is happening right before our eyes as North African immigrants virtually take over several Spanish cities. Spaniards in the northeast of Spain have formed a new political party to contest this assault on their country, this invasion of the unwanted, unemployed, overpopulating, exploiting, alien invaders that the Spanish had to spend seven hundred years fighting to expel from Spain in the Middle Ages in Europe.

Now they, in one century, may lose all they fought for. What is responsible for this? The EU (European Union) bureaucrats, for one. They don't understand the most important thing about people: the ideology that motivates them, that fills every idle moment, that tells them who they are.

The muhammedan invaders of Europe in the Twenty-First Century know who they are and it is not European. Aspects of this invasion are being funded by the same people who gave America 9/11: the wahabi establishment in Saudi Arabia.

Watch the video in the link below; it can happen in your country too.

LINK TO: see what happens when they arrive in a country

08 March 2012

muhammadism is a racial selection machine

Yes, and the link at the bottom shows this vividly. Slavery is part of the muhammadan ideology. For thirteen hundred years they took slaves. Even as recently as a hundred years ago, muhammadans kept slaves hidden in caves in abomidable conditions on the island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean.

They had a racket. Take African and European people as slaves, transport them to the slave markets of the Middle East, North Africa, and West Africa to earn huge profits off this human misery. Muhammadism allowed brutality like this. It still does.

Muhammadism is a supremicist ideology. It is a set of ideas that appeals to criminals and the weak minded. But the curious thing about it is that it acts as a racial selection mechanism. You see, the arab slavers took Africans captive and when they reached their destination the male slaves were castrated. So, of course, there would be no possibility of the black slaves eventually outpopulating the arabs who were doing this.

Every horrid instinct of humankind is enabled by verses in the koran, words from that garbagemouth that his contemporaries laughed at. Until, that is, muhammad discovered that encouraging his few followers to kill jews earned him some credibility with the semi-barbarian peoples of the arabian peninsula.

They just loved being admired for doing abomidable things. And those seventy-two virgins waiting for each of them if they die fighting. What a deal for a brutal, young animist from the desert.

LINK TO: the video at the bottom of the linked page

05 March 2012

Black racism is the U.S.

Burn, whitey, burn! There is hardly more disgusting news than racism of any sort. We are all Homo Sapiens Sapiens with only some moderately inconvenient social programming inspired by religions, social class, ethnic background, political, or economic doctrines.

To the point, whites are under attack from people of the third world. In Europe, muhammadan men, african men attack white women, beat up school children, lock down neighborhoods with foreign legal, cultural, and religious codes.

Can you imagine in Kansas City, U.S.A., that a black youth would pour gasoline over a white boy as the  boy was entering his own home, then set him alight with a Bic lighter? It happened. In the U.S. blacks and others of non-European background form an internal "third world" with its own perverse dogmas and laced with racial hatred for whites.

We can expect this to happen increasingly all over the world where peoples of European background must deal with third world peoples, semi-barbarians whose only considerable talent is outpopulating the productive peoples of the first world.

LINK TO: Unspeakable Black Racism Toward A White Boy

01 March 2012

What is it with Africans?

In Britain, refugees and other immigrants from Africa take their barbarity with them when they settle in the misty isles. Muhammadan males earn small change by gang raping British girls and running them as prostitutes. Black Africans cruise English towns in cars, jump out to assault white women, then drive on to their next barbarity. Black and Arab families can't wait until their girls are old enough to survive genital mutilation which is done so the child when she is an adult will derive no sexual pleasure from intercourse and therefore be an ideal spouse for some lucky misogynistic muhammadan or animist African man.

To take in "refugees" is to import poverty, to import barbarity, to import sick religious and cultural ideas. With few skills useful in a civilized job market, crime is the alternative many take. First world countries like Great Britain should do these people a favor and refuse them entry. Leave them in their own country and culture where their defects will pass unnoticed.

There is no cosmic law that requires the people of advanced nations to suffer these immigrants any longer. Kick them out. Keep them out. Stop subsidies to their governments. Stop welfare for those who cannot be expelled because no country will take them.

It is said that ninety percent of prisoners in Spanish jails are muhammadans. In the States it is said that fifty percent of black men have prison records. Enough.

LINK TO: Witchcraft trial in Britain

LINK TO: African witchcraft violence galore

27 February 2012

Anti-islam blog is down after being threatened by muslim

Six days ago the major blog keeping the world informed about what jihadists were doing around the world (see the 17,855,851 visitor count on the right) posted this page (shown from a cache). Now it is down. What happened? The purpose of BareNakedIslam is to inform as many decent people as possible about the scourge of the 21st Century, jihadist islam.

More importantly, why isn't the mainstream media reporting on the circumstances behind this? Little was heard but derisory comments from the liberal media when the blog service provider, Wordpress, took the blog down earlier. CAIR, the council on islamic american relations, allegedly complained about the blog. And the Wordpress bureaucrats caved in after, of course, saying they hadn't. Another nail in the coffin of the American ideal of a free press.

In America today a citizen can write anything as long as it doesn't offend someone. An essential truth in life is that if one is not offending someone occasionally, one isn't doing anything worthwhile.

Muslims are becoming the world's least popular people. Their response? Have forty children per muslim family in each generation while living off Western welfare systems. Outpopulate other peoples. Threaten them. Take control of legal systems. Game the system. Terrorize populations to force them to leave areas like Kosovo or southern Thailand. Become lawyers, get appointed to judgeships and hand down rulings remarkably like sharia law. An American muslim judge did that recently in Pennsylvania.

You may note that the author of the blog complained to the FBI about this received threat. It may be that the FBI and other governmental organisations are required by the Obama hierarchy to double down on hectoring opponents of the islamic threat instead of investigating threats to them.


"The following threatening comment was received here yesterday. GEE, I wonder if CAIR will send out a press release condemning Muslim threats to this website?"

"FYI: The reference to "naked woman" is to me. The reference to "dirty menstrual pad ism63" is actually reader Randy63ism and the one to "ugly cadlac" is to reader Pink Cadlac. This information has been sent to the FBI and the muslim's internet service provider."

[threat was reported on the blog to be from Anurima - anurim@yahoo.com - internet address: 82 145 217 41]

"Submitted on 2012/02/21 at 6:28pm"

" 'naked woman,' the above name (anurima) does not existed (sic), you were talking with YOUNG MUSLIM in many different names and different ISP numbers before in assuming that you were talking with jewish, hindus, christians, or even that agnostic 'dirty menstrual pad ism63' or what ever (sic) fucking idiot he belongs to. thanks (sic) be to allmighty ALLAH I have now gathered all the vital informations (sic) i need to know about YOUUU (sic) unknowingly From (sic) your own source and your friends in ... [redacted] I'm now on my way to U.S. to ... [makes threats of harm]"

Well now! That's what a despicable internet threat to a productive blogger looks like. Judging by the numerous errors in English usage the sender is stupid, ignorant, misogynistic, weak, square, uncool, and likely a geek, not a real jihadist. He isn't likely to strap on a suicide vest and rid the world of himself by mistakenly firing it in an empty parking lot. And, most damning of all: No woman would date him.

21 February 2012

The brutal story of what European muhammadans did in WWII

Even NAZI SS troops were shocked at the barbarity of muhammadan ustasha paramilitary trained by the SS in France. Another beheading (the muhammadan texts allow that as well as throat slitting) with additional weapons to show the world what muhammad intended his barbaric, warmongering, misogynistic, slave holding, raping, baby killing, thieving, devils to become. And they did.

They even made "house calls" just as doctors used to do. But their purpose was not healing but to murder Serbs in their homes.

The ustasha were a paramilitary force recruited from the remnants of muhammadan peoples left in the western Balkans after centruies of hellish muhammadan turkish rule. It was simply convenient for them to associate with the NAZI Germans (just as it is convenient for pakistani school texts to admire Hitler). Their real goal was to exterminate Eastern Orthodox Christians and others who, like the Spaniards before them, spent hundreds of years fighting the muhammadan invaders in the Balkans, right up to the Gates of Vienna until they were finally driven from Greece and Bulgaria back into Asia.

In the Jasenovac concentration camp run by the mohammadan ustasha butchers the device above, called a "Serbcutter," was used to speed up the murder of Eastern Orthodox and other prisoners (using a proper muhammadan killing method of throat slitting).

The slaughtered Serbs and others were then dumped in a nearby river, their slit throats open to air they would never breath again. Remember this when you hear of complaints from muhammadan terrorists that their dead were not buried properly or were treated disrespectfully.

18 February 2012

The most disgusting history you will ever read

World history is the story of innumerable waves of armed young men swiftly attacking and conquering unprepared communities, killing the men, assaulting and enslaving the women and children, and relieving them of their property.

Many young men can be persuaded to do this. What it takes is an ideology coupled with an economic incentive. The many evil geniuses scattered throughout history who were able to do this, raise armies and sow death, are now just in the dusty pages of old books.

One, however, created a legacy that endures even in our time. His name was muhammad and his hateful ideas have created 1300 years of slaughter and slavery. In the 21st Century his legacy of hate continues.

In the link below is one of the finest depictions from the historical record of what muhammadans do. Sadly for the world, they still spread hate, they still murder, they still burn churches, they still threaten anyone who opposes them, they still assault women and children, they still want to take over the world under the aegis of their despicable death cult.

LINK TO: muhammad's slaves - a bedtime story

16 February 2012

South African blacks continue genocide on whites

From the Gates of Vienna direct to you is a tale of what happens when the oppressed become the oppressors. In Pakistan, for example, the percentage of Hindus in that country just after Partition when the British left was about twelve percent. After decades of persecution of those who were not muhammadan, the percentage of Hindus (and others such as Jains and Christians) is now about two percent. This is what the Pakistani muhammadans did when they had power. They carried out genocide.

In South Africa the blacks with the tacit approval of the black government are doing the same. "All whites are criminals ..." says one black leader.

The video is an excerpt from a film called "War Of The Flea" screened in the European Parliament in 2011.

This one of the many wars, assaults, provocations, atrocities, jihads, and population explosions of the peoples of the Third World. We Will Assimilate You is what they are saying. When we have power, we will eliminate you. When the last white person is raped and strangled, it will be over.

The ethos appearing in the mirror of the 21st Century is barbarity fueled by hatred. Hatred for the race and the religion that brought civilisation to peoples living in the stone age isolated on continents for twelve to forty thousand years. Hatred for peoples of European origin who made entire continents yield the fruits and grains of its fields, the metal ores of its mines, the timber of its forests, the fish of its coasts.

Europeans in these newly reached continents stopped practices of human sacrifice, infanticide, widow burning, witchcraft, foot binding, and deliberate isolation from the trading nations of the world.

Whites brought winning ideologies such as the scientific method of investigating  nature's secrets to make life enormously better for humans. Whites designed the best ships and discovered the best sea lanes through modern navigation. Whites pioneered the treatment of illnesses which had plagued humankind for countless thousands of years. Whites brought economic and political ideas which empowered those who could use them. Whites made the prairies and valleys yield crops and cattle and the hillsides yield grapes. Whites brought architecture, art, music, and learning to the ignorant.

When the Inca peoples were reading knotted ropes, Europeans were reading Shakespeare and Moliere. When Aboriginals were listening to the digeridoo, Europeans listened to Mozart. When Africans sent messages through drums, Europeans sent correspondences by highly developed postal systems, electrical telegraph, and eventually by radio and satellite ...

LINK TO: the genocide of white farmers in South Africa
LINK TO: the menace of black crime in Africa

Sadly, even over in the US there is the astonishing figure that blacks are fifty times more likely to attack whites than the reverse. That could be called racial crime but the mainstream media withhold race and religion information when the victim is white.

LINK TO: the war against whites in the US

15 February 2012

Oregon muhammadans visit pals in North Africa

Some muhammadans residing in Oregon who are members of a mosque investigated by the FBI just thought they would nip over to turbulent North Africa to see their family and pals. Instead, they were called to report to the US embassy there for interrogation by FBI agents about the reason for their trip and their activities in that toxic mosque in Oregon. The mosque where a Somali worshiped who planned to bomb a 2010 Christmas celebration. Also, the imam of the mosque lied to get social security benefits. Folks worthy of investigation, some might say.

The travelers found they were prohibited from returning to the US. What a dilemma. Well, no problem. The perps got their lawyers on the case, called CAIR for help, and they made it back to Oregon.

Frankly, every mohammadan who leaves the US should not be allowed to return without being thoroughly interviewed by Federal agents. There should be thorough dossiers on every mohammadan in the United States. Their loyalties are not to the US but to their toxic belief system and their toxic cultural values.

Americans, keep mosques out of your communities. Don't be like Europe. It is going under.

LINK TO: the creepiest mosque in Oregon

14 February 2012

muhammadism was never about peace, only conquest through terror

muhammad was a butcher, and it goes downhill from there

There is terror, extreme terror, and muhammadan terror. Little known to the rest of the world is a deliberate campaign of terror in southern Thailand. The best blog on exposing muhammadism as the terror cult it is, Bare Naked Islam, shows explicitly what muhammadan terrorists do as they try to "convert" buddhists:

LINK TO: muhammadan terror in Thailand

LINK TO: (BareNakedIslam is down temporarily)
Not for the faint of heart - muhammadan butchery in Thailand

09 February 2012

Is it true that God killed muhammad?

Another video by an expert on the worst so-called prophet ever. This is an excellent explanation using mohammadan writing to propose that not only was he not a prophet, but that by his own words, it is evident that God rescued Jesus but that God killed muhammad. This is 24 minutes of the most damning revelation. Enjoy!