21 February 2012

The brutal story of what European muhammadans did in WWII

Even NAZI SS troops were shocked at the barbarity of muhammadan ustasha paramilitary trained by the SS in France. Another beheading (the muhammadan texts allow that as well as throat slitting) with additional weapons to show the world what muhammad intended his barbaric, warmongering, misogynistic, slave holding, raping, baby killing, thieving, devils to become. And they did.

They even made "house calls" just as doctors used to do. But their purpose was not healing but to murder Serbs in their homes.

The ustasha were a paramilitary force recruited from the remnants of muhammadan peoples left in the western Balkans after centruies of hellish muhammadan turkish rule. It was simply convenient for them to associate with the NAZI Germans (just as it is convenient for pakistani school texts to admire Hitler). Their real goal was to exterminate Eastern Orthodox Christians and others who, like the Spaniards before them, spent hundreds of years fighting the muhammadan invaders in the Balkans, right up to the Gates of Vienna until they were finally driven from Greece and Bulgaria back into Asia.

In the Jasenovac concentration camp run by the mohammadan ustasha butchers the device above, called a "Serbcutter," was used to speed up the murder of Eastern Orthodox and other prisoners (using a proper muhammadan killing method of throat slitting).

The slaughtered Serbs and others were then dumped in a nearby river, their slit throats open to air they would never breath again. Remember this when you hear of complaints from muhammadan terrorists that their dead were not buried properly or were treated disrespectfully.