18 February 2012

The most disgusting history you will ever read

World history is the story of innumerable waves of armed young men swiftly attacking and conquering unprepared communities, killing the men, assaulting and enslaving the women and children, and relieving them of their property.

Many young men can be persuaded to do this. What it takes is an ideology coupled with an economic incentive. The many evil geniuses scattered throughout history who were able to do this, raise armies and sow death, are now just in the dusty pages of old books.

One, however, created a legacy that endures even in our time. His name was muhammad and his hateful ideas have created 1300 years of slaughter and slavery. In the 21st Century his legacy of hate continues.

In the link below is one of the finest depictions from the historical record of what muhammadans do. Sadly for the world, they still spread hate, they still murder, they still burn churches, they still threaten anyone who opposes them, they still assault women and children, they still want to take over the world under the aegis of their despicable death cult.

LINK TO: muhammad's slaves - a bedtime story