27 February 2012

Anti-islam blog is down after being threatened by muslim

Six days ago the major blog keeping the world informed about what jihadists were doing around the world (see the 17,855,851 visitor count on the right) posted this page (shown from a cache). Now it is down. What happened? The purpose of BareNakedIslam is to inform as many decent people as possible about the scourge of the 21st Century, jihadist islam.

More importantly, why isn't the mainstream media reporting on the circumstances behind this? Little was heard but derisory comments from the liberal media when the blog service provider, Wordpress, took the blog down earlier. CAIR, the council on islamic american relations, allegedly complained about the blog. And the Wordpress bureaucrats caved in after, of course, saying they hadn't. Another nail in the coffin of the American ideal of a free press.

In America today a citizen can write anything as long as it doesn't offend someone. An essential truth in life is that if one is not offending someone occasionally, one isn't doing anything worthwhile.

Muslims are becoming the world's least popular people. Their response? Have forty children per muslim family in each generation while living off Western welfare systems. Outpopulate other peoples. Threaten them. Take control of legal systems. Game the system. Terrorize populations to force them to leave areas like Kosovo or southern Thailand. Become lawyers, get appointed to judgeships and hand down rulings remarkably like sharia law. An American muslim judge did that recently in Pennsylvania.

You may note that the author of the blog complained to the FBI about this received threat. It may be that the FBI and other governmental organisations are required by the Obama hierarchy to double down on hectoring opponents of the islamic threat instead of investigating threats to them.


"The following threatening comment was received here yesterday. GEE, I wonder if CAIR will send out a press release condemning Muslim threats to this website?"

"FYI: The reference to "naked woman" is to me. The reference to "dirty menstrual pad ism63" is actually reader Randy63ism and the one to "ugly cadlac" is to reader Pink Cadlac. This information has been sent to the FBI and the muslim's internet service provider."

[threat was reported on the blog to be from Anurima - anurim@yahoo.com - internet address: 82 145 217 41]

"Submitted on 2012/02/21 at 6:28pm"

" 'naked woman,' the above name (anurima) does not existed (sic), you were talking with YOUNG MUSLIM in many different names and different ISP numbers before in assuming that you were talking with jewish, hindus, christians, or even that agnostic 'dirty menstrual pad ism63' or what ever (sic) fucking idiot he belongs to. thanks (sic) be to allmighty ALLAH I have now gathered all the vital informations (sic) i need to know about YOUUU (sic) unknowingly From (sic) your own source and your friends in ... [redacted] I'm now on my way to U.S. to ... [makes threats of harm]"

Well now! That's what a despicable internet threat to a productive blogger looks like. Judging by the numerous errors in English usage the sender is stupid, ignorant, misogynistic, weak, square, uncool, and likely a geek, not a real jihadist. He isn't likely to strap on a suicide vest and rid the world of himself by mistakenly firing it in an empty parking lot. And, most damning of all: No woman would date him.