01 March 2012

What is it with Africans?

In Britain, refugees and other immigrants from Africa take their barbarity with them when they settle in the misty isles. Muhammadan males earn small change by gang raping British girls and running them as prostitutes. Black Africans cruise English towns in cars, jump out to assault white women, then drive on to their next barbarity. Black and Arab families can't wait until their girls are old enough to survive genital mutilation which is done so the child when she is an adult will derive no sexual pleasure from intercourse and therefore be an ideal spouse for some lucky misogynistic muhammadan or animist African man.

To take in "refugees" is to import poverty, to import barbarity, to import sick religious and cultural ideas. With few skills useful in a civilized job market, crime is the alternative many take. First world countries like Great Britain should do these people a favor and refuse them entry. Leave them in their own country and culture where their defects will pass unnoticed.

There is no cosmic law that requires the people of advanced nations to suffer these immigrants any longer. Kick them out. Keep them out. Stop subsidies to their governments. Stop welfare for those who cannot be expelled because no country will take them.

It is said that ninety percent of prisoners in Spanish jails are muhammadans. In the States it is said that fifty percent of black men have prison records. Enough.

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