05 March 2012

Black racism is the U.S.

Burn, whitey, burn! There is hardly more disgusting news than racism of any sort. We are all Homo Sapiens Sapiens with only some moderately inconvenient social programming inspired by religions, social class, ethnic background, political, or economic doctrines.

To the point, whites are under attack from people of the third world. In Europe, muhammadan men, african men attack white women, beat up school children, lock down neighborhoods with foreign legal, cultural, and religious codes.

Can you imagine in Kansas City, U.S.A., that a black youth would pour gasoline over a white boy as the  boy was entering his own home, then set him alight with a Bic lighter? It happened. In the U.S. blacks and others of non-European background form an internal "third world" with its own perverse dogmas and laced with racial hatred for whites.

We can expect this to happen increasingly all over the world where peoples of European background must deal with third world peoples, semi-barbarians whose only considerable talent is outpopulating the productive peoples of the first world.

LINK TO: Unspeakable Black Racism Toward A White Boy