08 March 2012

muhammadism is a racial selection machine

Yes, and the link at the bottom shows this vividly. Slavery is part of the muhammadan ideology. For thirteen hundred years they took slaves. Even as recently as a hundred years ago, muhammadans kept slaves hidden in caves in abomidable conditions on the island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean.

They had a racket. Take African and European people as slaves, transport them to the slave markets of the Middle East, North Africa, and West Africa to earn huge profits off this human misery. Muhammadism allowed brutality like this. It still does.

Muhammadism is a supremicist ideology. It is a set of ideas that appeals to criminals and the weak minded. But the curious thing about it is that it acts as a racial selection mechanism. You see, the arab slavers took Africans captive and when they reached their destination the male slaves were castrated. So, of course, there would be no possibility of the black slaves eventually outpopulating the arabs who were doing this.

Every horrid instinct of humankind is enabled by verses in the koran, words from that garbagemouth that his contemporaries laughed at. Until, that is, muhammad discovered that encouraging his few followers to kill jews earned him some credibility with the semi-barbarian peoples of the arabian peninsula.

They just loved being admired for doing abomidable things. And those seventy-two virgins waiting for each of them if they die fighting. What a deal for a brutal, young animist from the desert.

LINK TO: the video at the bottom of the linked page