12 March 2012

Spain is going down the drain

A muhammedan Spain is happening right before our eyes as North African immigrants virtually take over several Spanish cities. Spaniards in the northeast of Spain have formed a new political party to contest this assault on their country, this invasion of the unwanted, unemployed, overpopulating, exploiting, alien invaders that the Spanish had to spend seven hundred years fighting to expel from Spain in the Middle Ages in Europe.

Now they, in one century, may lose all they fought for. What is responsible for this? The EU (European Union) bureaucrats, for one. They don't understand the most important thing about people: the ideology that motivates them, that fills every idle moment, that tells them who they are.

The muhammedan invaders of Europe in the Twenty-First Century know who they are and it is not European. Aspects of this invasion are being funded by the same people who gave America 9/11: the wahabi establishment in Saudi Arabia.

Watch the video in the link below; it can happen in your country too.

LINK TO: see what happens when they arrive in a country