14 March 2012

Lies from beginning to end - the muhammadan story

From the Seventh Century to this century muhammadism is one lie after another. It is the sad tale of the development of a set of ideas that appealed to semi-barbarian Arabian men in the post-Roman world. Many failed, stupid religious ideas survive to the present time. Some have even developed in the past one or two hundred years based on precepts that were just as flawed as any religion from the ancient world.

None of them, however, posit military conquest as a way to spread the religion. None of them call for the extermination of other peoples. None of them approve of slavery. None of them are supremacist. None of them oppress women. None were founded by a murderer, child rapist, and liar. That was muhammad. He called for all of the above.

He took a small desert cult worship at a meteorite, linked it tenuously to existing religions in the middle east, and in the end he decided the way to be regarded as a prophet was by making war on the peoples who laughed at him, by killing anyone who decided to leave his religion, by legitimizing slavery, slaughter, theft of property, and surprisingly this formula also used successfully by the Mafia, took root in the evil hearts of his bedouin barbarians.

In our time these evil ideas are spread on college campuses in America where young minds are taught to regard muuhammadans as victims of the Israeli nation. In fact muhammadans have always been victimizers, slavers, thieves, and liars. The muhammadans who are spreading lies about Israel are the functional descendants of Adolf Hitler and the NAZI movement in Europe.

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The Cult Aspects of muhammadism: