16 May 2012

The 'Rent A Mob' Affaire

Well, we knew it all along. But nobody likes bad news about one of their own - the black community especially. So, just like muslims in Europe and elsewhere, they join mobs designed to intimidate the local power structures.

Darn! why can't real European peoples and their descendants learn that routine? Maybe there is a reason. Could it be that left-wing propaganda for the last century or so has crippled the ability of local, native populations to defend themselves against aggressive, violent immigrant populations who don't fit in with the native culture?

Could it be that liberal legislatures in Europe and North America have made it a crime to defend themselves or even to tell the truth about the appalling statistics of black on white crime, muslim on Christian and on Jew and on Hindu and on Buddhist (you get the picture - muslims are the universal haters) crime.

Anyway, read from the Christian Science Monitor line below.

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