11 May 2012

They Don't Understand The German Welfare System Yet

It is a tipoff as to why migrants enter Germany: they've heard about the fabulous welfare benefits, even back in Bulgaria and Romania. So, they pay their last few thousand Euros to 'coyotes' who bring them to Germany or who offer to 'help' them fill out welfare forms (for a thousand Euros or so). They don't speak much German. They don't have job skills required in a German city.

They don't understand how to live in a European city; their rural life has not prepared them. It is Arizona, European style. An area being overrun with desperate immigrants from nations with different cultural values, religions, expectations. Nevertheless, they expect the German people to take care of them. The German taxpayer - that is, the hard-working German citizens who don't take welfare, and who would not expect to travel to Bulgaria and live there at the expence of the Bulgarian people.

 It's sad, and it's also outrageous. The higher one goes in German government, the less interest there is in halting these immigrants from invading neighborhoods in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany, bringing dependency, crime, medical care expences, special educational problems with them. Nobody in the native German population asked them to come. But the liberal European politicians, ignoring the wishes of their own people, made it legally possible for this immigration to happen.

 Just show up - ask for the welfare office