20 May 2012

Hitler's Jewish And African DNA - Surprise, Surprise Pakis!

It certainly would have surprised the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, shown here with Hitler in 1941, to realise the sort of person he was dealing with! According to DNA research conducted in Belgium on the dictator's surviving relatives, he had a genetic component frequently found in North Africans and in Ashkenazi Jews.

Just as the anti-semite composer, Wagner, has long been suspected to have had Jewish parentage through his mother's infidelity with a Jewish actor (his legal father was an ethnic German policeman), Hitler, too, has been suspected of having a Jewish grandfather. He was not certifiably Aryan. Tsk, Tsk.

All over the muslim world there is excessive admiration for Adolph Hitler. Well, what they don't know, won't hurt them. But if they do find out, I'm sure they will discover another NAZI to love. Even though all those thousand million or more muhammadans would like to kill every Jew on this planet, life is sooooo unfair ...

From The SUN: Hitler's Black And Jewish DNA