22 May 2012

Black Students Suspended Three Times More Than Whites

 Learn more about the differences, i.e., how much more violent and confrontational blacks are toward whites and asians. You may be surprised to learn that black students in American secondary schools merit a suspension at a rate three times higher than white students. This is not, however, nearly as bad as a reported difference between Black on White crime versus the reverse: white men in the US are FIFTY times more likely to be attacked by Blacks. It looks like it starts at home, shows up in secondary schools, and ends up as street violence committed by Blacks. You will not hear about this on the network evening news; it is politically incorrect. There would organised marches on the network headquarters, reporters would be attacked and beaten, there would be lawsuits. But there are truths, and there are lies. It's better to know the truth.

School suspension rates: Black VS White