11 May 2014

Black On White Crime

Yes, there is such a thing, though the mainstream media do not like to report the statistics about it. In fact, you may have a hard time in media stories of black men attacking white men and raping white women determining that it was blacks committing the crime.

Another thing you will seldom see is the word "racist" in front of the name of a black criminal. Even when he uses one or more of the many racist words blacks reserve to categorize whites he will not be called "racist."

It's simply this: Blacks are not to be called racist just as mohammedans are not to be called terrorists. This sort of Orwellian doublespeak is common amongst the liberal bureaucrats in media, government, business, and religion.

What every criminal, military aggressor, and ideologue depends on is the victim's willingness to play a role. And that role is to just submit. Why? Because the laws of some of the finest first-world nations of the world force their native citizens to play the role of victim.

In addition, the taxation system in first world countries forces hardworking native citizens to pay for police protections from the protected class of criminals mentioned above, pay for a court system which will treat them with exaggerated fairness, pay for prisons which will will not change them magically into non-criminals, pay for legislatures which will continue to pass laws which do not allow native first world peoples to protect themselves and their children on the streets, in their homes, or in schools.

There is something else going on. The racist blacks and the superiorist muhammadists count on one thing they can do well: reproduce. They intend to out-populate first world peoples, infiltrate into first world nations, utilize European and North American legal systems to their benefit to secure rights the racist blacks and muhammadan butchers do not allow in their native lands.

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