11 September 2012

In Cairo a muhammadan mob attacks American embassy

Here is that muhammad movie trailer you heard about but couldn't locate on Youtube: Watch the low budget movie the muhammadans don't like HERE

In the Twenty-First Century there shouldn't be people who get upset about any film or other media. But if one is muhammadan, one has a mind full of stupidities and falsehoods. And this is the so-called religion the adherents of which say will take over the world. Getting upset about a third rate low-budget brief movie is stupid beyond belief to the rest of the people in the world.

Do muhammadans ever wonder why so many people in the world now despise them? Their history is replete with more than 1300 years of war, deceit, slave-holding, extortion, torture, genocide, sexism, racism ...

See this movie trailer that caused a Cairo mob to storm the American embassy.